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Facts about Firming and Cleansing Face

A healthy skin should be a dream to everyone. However, you may not know that healthy skin has a lot to do with a few ver few very simple tips!

  1. Rigorous cleansers on oily skin?
    The fact is that if you go too harsh, you’re making the problem worse. When the skin is stripped, its natural response is to just produce more oil. Go for a kinder and calming wash like “PSK Perfectly Cleansing Foam”, it will gently cleanse excess oil from pores without leaving your skin dry or tight.
  2. Don’t switch from hot and cold water. 
    Hot water doesn’t open pores and cold water won’t close them either. In fact, switching from hot to cold will only put skin into shock. Lukewarm water is definitely your wise choice.
  3. Remove dead skin cells.
    Dead skin cells can make the skin look dull. Furthermore, as they build up on the skin, important nutrients are prevented from being absorbed and  sweat glands would be blocked. These could lead to white heads, acne and black heads. Exfoliating your skin with skin care products as “PSK Renewing Gel” gives you a fresh, brighter and glowing look.
  4. Read ingredients lists.
    When you skip the ingredients lists, some important information such as chemicals that many of us are allergic to would be missed. Therefore, please take a careful look at the ingredient lists before you decide to put any skin care items into your shopping basket.


PSK Herdsman Enterprises was found in 1973. With more than 40 years experience in beauty industry, the company has both skin care and makeup product lines. Right now there are two brands under the company: “Beanne” and “PSK“. In summer 2016, the company finally overcame different barriers encountered in export activities, which resulted in better export sales performance. Moreover, Herdsman is selected as one of the members in Formosa Beauty Alliance! Nowadays, there are more than 30 countries selling its products, including USA, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and even in many countries in Middle East. Herdsman’s products are certified by FDA, EEC and SASO. The company holds the spirit of a shepherd with meticulous care. Taking happiness, beauty and health life creation as our management philosophy.

7 MenCare Secrets

Make your skin cleanse, keep moisturizing, drink enough water, fight against aging early, have enough sleep time, eat more fruits and veggies and ditch the smokes!

  1. Make your skin cleanse: The first secret for a fine skin is to make it clean. Please cleanse skin with facial cleansing cream twice a day and even better to exfoliate skin with peeling gel or scrub twice a week.
  2. Keep moisturizing: Never forget to apply lotion and moisturizer after cleansing face. This must-do step helps your skin moisturized and blocks water there to provide a youthful skin. If your skin belongs to oily type, it is ideal to find out a soluble product. PSK Oil Control Skin Care Toner and Lotion can help to keep your skin moisturizing and it is suitable for oily skin.
  3. Drink enough water: Supplying water for your body is not only good for your health but also benefits for a plumping and flawless skin. Let choose to limit alcohol which is the reason of dehydration in a variety of ways!
  4. Fight against aging early: It is studied that your skin gets aged in your late 20s. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to start moisturize and use anti-aging products early! Please also remember to apply sunscreen before going out as UV radiation is a trigger of wrinkles, fine lines and aging skin, etc.
  5. Have enough sleep time: Sleep is the biological and natural gift from God for our body to recover its health and strength as well as our skin. Sleep enough will maintain you a young, fair and without under-eye circle skin.
  6. Eat more fruits and veggies: Many researchers have found out that fruits and vegetables contain numeral vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants which keep you young and protected your skin from UV radiations, aging, and inflammation. Therefore, please add fruits and veggies in your diet as five to seven servings a day.
  7. Ditch the smokes: Smoking reduces blood circulation and collagen production, causes your skin discolored, dry and finally turns skin into grayish and pale. Furthermore, smoking can develop deep fine lines around the mouth and other signs of premature wrinkles.

Anti-aging Plan with Healthy Skin-care Habits

Let’s kick off your own anti-aging plan with healthy skin-care habits below. Then you will find that each of these recommendations is reliable and essential.

  1. Use anti-aging products: Start to apply anti-wrinkle cream or serum, eye serums, and other anti-aging products which can help prevent signs of aging at your early 30s. If it is “better late than never”, why don’t you quickly find for yourself one effective anti-aging serum like “PSK Ultra Correction Anti-age Sculpting Firming Concentrate” to enjoy its excellent work now?
  2. Apply moisturizer every day: The things that we all have to face when we got aged are the less hydrated and dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Moisturizer locks water in our skin, giving it a youthful look. For best results, let use a facial moisturizer. PSK Pearl CC cream will never let you disappointed!
  3. Get rid of dirt and make-up everyday: Believe me, washing face can totally affect your appearance! It is advised that you should wash your face with warm water and a mild facial cleanser rather than with a soap. And remove the make-up is an indispensable step for protecting skin before sleeping!
  4. Have enough sleep: Sleeping is the best time for your body to refresh and renew itself.
  5. Eat healthy and clean foods: A healthy diet with vitamins, minerals and amino acids will be utilized to build healthy and beautiful skin. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats.
  6. Protect your skin from UV rays: Never expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Since these rays is among the main reasons of skin aging.

Lotion is not enough for Moisturizing!

When you try to protect your skin under moisture needed environment, applying lotions is not only insufficient but may also cause your skin tight, red or even desquamation.

 Cold air will stimulate the microvascular to shrink, causing deterioration of blood circulation so that the waste can not be metabolized and the nutrition can not be supplemented either.  Cold air will also reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands, making the skin become dry, losing luster and elasticity; in the long-run it will accelerate aging and increase wrinkles. 
Besides, it is common that the foreign objects stimulate skin and then result in irritation, but at the same time due to lack of sebum isolation, more water evaporates quickly, thus it is needed to apply essential oils which contains grease to lock moisture in the skin.
Therefore, when you stay in the air-conditioned room during summer time, you also need to use skin care products which contain grease. By choosing good quality botanic facial essential oil can help you improve circulation and keep the moisture, and keep you look young and shiny forever.