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Glycyrrhetinic Acid Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo (220ml)

Organic Hair Care

Marchenay Hair Care Set (500ml)

  • Organic shampoo (500ml)  x 1 PC
  • Conditioning Cream (500ml) x 1 PC

USD 41.4

USD 22.77

Scalp Spray

ÂGE D'OR Repair Scalp Spray (30ml)

USD 32.78

Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap Gift Box (For Face & Body)

  • Moisturizing Emollient Series x 1 PC
  • Beauty Mud Series x 1 PC
  • Herbal Series x 1 PC

Makeup Remover

EPURIFYS i-Beauty Energy Towel for Makeup Remove and Cleansing (Big Size/Pink) (30x25cm)

Whitening Gel

Don Du Ciel 7% Arbutin Ultimate Whitening Gel (15ml)

USD 25.16

USD 23.9


Vivacé Lite Brightening Pack

  • Vivacé Matte Gelly Mask (120ml) x 2 PCS
  • Vivacé Lite Mask x 1 PC

USD 23.5


PSK Refreshing & Cleansing Asian Skin Care Set

  • PSK Perfectly Cleansing Foam (100ml) x 1 PC
  • PSK Q10 Renewing Gel  (100ml) x 1 PC

USD 59.5

USD 44.63

Facial Cleanser

Sunmax 6 Collagen Facial Cleanser (100ml) x 2 PCS

USD 33.6

Cleansing Gel

iLoVeggie Bamboo Charcoal Whitening and Deep-Cleansing Mask (250g)

Foot Moisturizing

JN Green Tea Moisturizing Foot Care Set (9 PCS)

USD 65.2

Skin Care Tips

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